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Everyone is welcome to our community. We are calling for every sustainability industry-related workers all around the world to go further and better with us.

Go Global

We are looking for community builders for every country to walk together with us in order to accelerate the sustainability development with the same spirit

Doc. ASEAN India Startup Week 2022


What will we do in this community?

We will match every stakeholder to create impact from the Proof-of-Concept Step, until the implementation project. We will assist you to do these things below.

  1. Sustainable Product Development Consultancy (for Startups, SMEs, and NGOs).
  2. Sustainability Worker Hunter
  3. Program Fundraising Movement
  4. Smart City Consultancy and Management Program (for Governments).
  5. Sustainable-friendly CSR Management Program (for Corporate)
  6. Sustainable-Growth Mindset Training Program (for Employees)
  7. International Internship Program (for University Student).
  8. any other collaboration projects.

You can directly click on the “Register” button and fill in the registration form. Once our admin verified your application form, you will be contacted by our admin and we will discuss about what can we do together for the upcoming projects and opportunities.

Yes, you can become our member community for free. Otherwise, we are open for donation as well, in order to make our community more sustainable.

We will take a bit service fee for some programs and projects we are working on. Also we open for donation.

Our Activities

We Divided the services into four major stakeholders.

Activities for Startup, SME, and NGO

Do you want to find a partner to develop your products in order to get the better acceptance from your market? Come and Join Us!

Activities for University & Student

Do you want to be a part of solution? Do you want to join our various projects? Let's Join Us!

Activities for Government

Do you want to find the right partner to develop a local-wisdom Smart City and collaborate with various worldwide startup? Come and Join Us!

Activities for Corporate

Are you looking for a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility) manager? Come and Join Us!

Activities for Impact-Based Investor, Phillantropy, and Influencer

Are you an Impact-based Investor/Venture Capital/Phillantropy or an influencer that focuses on the sustainability topic? Come an join us!

Our Happy Members

Here are some testimonies from our happy members when they join and go collaborate with us.

"We are so excited to be a part of Briga Sustainability Center. This community gives us many valuable improvement in our product development and project executions."
- Putra Fajar Alam -
Founder @Smash.id
"I cannot say enough how valuable that was for me, before I knew nothing on where to start building and now it’s all clear. Thank you for assisting us in our product development."
- Wilson Ko -
Founder @Reconnai

Let Us Know Your Thoughts About Our Activities

COLLABORATION is the Foundational Key to all SUSTAINABLE Success.

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